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Gulf Storm Team Schedule

Updated October 19th, 2022

                        Team Practice Rink & Time                     

U9           Rustico - Tuesday at 6:30pm (Nov 1st) 


U11         Practices - Rustico - Thursday at 6:30pm (Starting Nov 3rd)


U13         Bedeque - Tuesday at 7:00pm (Starting Nov 1)


U15         Borden - Wednesday at 6:45pm (Starting Oct 26th)    


U18           Borden - Saturday at 4:15pm (Starting Oct 22nd)      



                       Home Game Rink & Time    


U9          Kensington - Saturday at 10:15pm (Starting Oct 22nd)


U11         Kensington - Sunday at 4:45pm (Starting Oct 23rd) 


U13         Kensington - Sunday at 6:00pm (Starting Oct 23rd)


U15         Rustico - Sunday at 6:30pm (Starting Nov 6th)


U18         Borden - Wednesday at 8:00pm (Starting Oct 26th)      

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